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Maidenize your car!

Svibanj 20, 2016 in News by Stjepan


Maidenize your car! Buy ‘Somewhere in Time’ book ‘Adrian Smith Edition’ and get Car Decoration Window T-Shirt with Suction FOR FREE! Choose Super Safe Luxury Shipping. Maidenize your car and drive from hear to eternity!

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‘Somewhere in Time’ book – Last 77 ‘H’ copies left!

Svibanj 4, 2016 in News by Stjepan

SIT3D frontbacksmall
Long awaited ‘SOMEWHERE IN TIME’ book is out! Order strictly limited ‘Adrian Smith edition’ (hardcover, 256 pages) now!‘Adrian Smith’ edition will not be reprinted in same format any time again!

‘Somewhere in Time’, published 1986, 30 years ago, is one of the most intriguing music albums ever written. If you think you know everything about ‘Somewhere in Time’, 6th Iron Maiden studio album, you need to check this book and ask yourself same question again! 256 pages about one Maiden album? Yes, but this album deserves even more. Author Stjepan Juras is very proud on his book: ‘This book is my the best Iron Maiden book so far. It is my gift to the all Iron Maiden fans, especially fans of this magical album from 1986.” Shipping with tracking number is included in book price!

– Every buyer of ‘Adrian Smith edition will get a special, limited sticker!
– Every purchased book will be shipped within maximum 15 days.


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The first ever book about Iron Maiden fans!

Svibanj 3, 2016 in News by Stjepan

NMHF3D frontback ‘No matter how far – Iron Maiden fans will be there’ is the first book ever written exclusively about fans of a music band. More than 200 Maiden fans worldwide from more than 80 countries are included in this amazing book project. If anyone deserves to be the subject of this first book of its kind, it is the fans of IRON MAIDEN, without a doubt. Not because of their 40-year-long allegiance, not because of the constant growth of their numbers, which has always confused music analysts and label executives, not because of the fact that they are to be found on every continent and even every country where there isn’t a developed music market. Iron Maiden fans are a family above their own families, a religion above religions, a love above love, a nationality above nationalities. This is their story.

Authos Stjepan Juras quoted: ‘This book wouldn’t have seen the light of day, hadn’t it been for the immense and complete support from the members of both the Croatian Iron Maiden fan club and the Iron Maiden online club. I have created this book thanks in part to their advice, questions, suggestions and guidelines and I hope the final product will please them all. I would like to thank every person whom I’ve interviewed, including those who decided not to extend me that courtesy. Finally, a big thank you to every member of Iron Maiden, past and present, and every person who ever worked for the band. Keep doing the greatest job in the world. We, the fans, will always support you!’ ORDER YOUR BOOK HERE!

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Steve Harris Book – Last 40 copies left!

Svibanj 2, 2016 in News by Stjepan

Harris 3D frotback This book ISN’t the official biography of Steve Harris nor does it try in any way to describe his work in the music business since the ’70ties until today, chronologically of factually. This book actually isn’t a biography in the strictest sense. This IS a warm and intriguing story about Steve Harris, and it is in reality just a long awaited tribute from a fans, and speaks about one of the most important people in the history of metal, and of rock in general. It comes from the mouths of his friends, music and business associates, family members and faithful fans from around the world. All of them shared their tales, memories, feelings and anecdotes from their encounters with Steve Harris in order to make this book, and to give him recognition he truly deserves. ORDER YOUR BOOK HERE!

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Iron Maiden For Maiden Kids – book!

Svibanj 1, 2016 in News by Stjepan

IMKids3D frontback
Hello kids, hello parents, hello to all generations of Iron Maiden fanatics. Welcome to the first ever book for kids based on the works of a heavy metal band. Normally, Iron Maiden!

While thinking about how Maiden have, since the late ’70s, brought up generation after generation of fans, some of which are now parents of young kids who also might be Maiden fans, I decided to write a book which would be a cross between a picture book, an ABC book and an encyclopedia for children between 7 and 15 years of age. I believe that many fans have young children and that this would be an ideal way to introduce them to the world of Iron Maiden. Of course, everything in this book is described in a way that is easy for children to comprehend, and can serve as an extra education which will encourage your children to explore various topics, read books and encyclopedias outside of school. The illustrations in this book are drawings done in a picture book/encyclopedic style, and they were drawn by hand by the excellent Croatian artist Luka Valković. ORDER YOUR BOOK HERE!

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Adrian Smith – ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’

Travanj 30, 2016 in News by Stjepan

Smith3D frontback This is the story of Adrian Smith, the guitar player and IRON MAIDEN’s (H)eart and (S)oul of rock, told from great memories and numerous anecdotes of friends, associates, family members and fans. The man who gave metal music some of its finest melodies and most touching lyrics will be presented in this book for the first time. A stranger in a strange land, untouchable somewhere in his time, in a book he has deserved a long time ago. This book will be available in summer 2016 and all info about prices and other options will be available very soon. Book will be hard cover, and strictly limited. MORE!

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Taste the beast – Iron Maiden cookbook

Travanj 29, 2016 in News by Stjepan

Taste the Beast‘ is the title of another one of Maidencroatia books that will become available for sale during 2017. Author Stjepan Juras stated: ‘After having published ‘Steve Harris – The Clairvoyant’, Iron Maiden for Maiden kids’, ‘No Matters How Far – Iron Maiden will be there’, ‘Somewhere in Time’ and having written the soon-to-be-published book about Adrian Smith Maiden ‘Stranger In a Strange Land’, I plan to publish one more book, which will seem very strange to Maiden fans. While thinking about how Maiden’s songs have, since I was very young, had an influence on my life view and education, together with my friends I decided to put those experiences in writing, in the form of the following book:

‘Taste the Beast’ will be the only Maiden cookbook in the world, and I don’t think that there are other cookbooks based on lyrics and names of any other band or performer. Iron Maiden are a band whose songs are based on historical facts, mythology and elements that often mention certain territories, countries and topics which can easily be presented in the cookbook format. The concept of the book is to approach every of the songs from the list below in several ways: the lyrics will be explained to the reader, together with the relevant historical fact and other pieces of information. It will be followed by an interesting recipe which can be recreated in your home, together with the photo of the dish, decorated in a Maidenesque style, together with an appropriate beverage. I hope this will be a family favorite for those families which include a Maiden fan or two, and that it will serve as a good guide to various world gastronomes. MORE!