Book about Iron Maiden Fans! SOLD OUT

NMHF3D frontback ‘No matter how far – Iron Maiden fans will be there’ is the first book ever written exclusively about fans of a music band. More than 200 Maiden fans worldwide from more than 80 countries are included in this amazing book project. If anyone deserves to be the subject of this first book of its kind, it is the fans of IRON MAIDEN, without a doubt. Not because of their 40-year-long allegiance, not because of the constant growth of their numbers, which has always confused music analysts and label executives, not because of the fact that they are to be found on every continent and even every country where there isn’t a developed music market. Iron Maiden fans are a family above their own families, a religion above religions, a love above love, a nationality above nationalities. This is their story.


This book is SOLD OUT and will not be reprinted again. Download free ebook