Iron What? Mysterious book, for loyal buyers!

listopad 9, 2016 in News by Stjepan

The most intriguing and the most mysterious Maiden related book ever! This book will not be on public sale, to be precise this book will not be in any sale ever! You can’t buy this book, no way! This mysterious book will be sent free of charge ONLY to the buyers of EVERY Maidencroatia book. If you missed any sold out book (‘Maiden for Kids’ for example), you can buy another same book twice for your friend, etc. ‘Iron What?’ book will be released in summer 2017. and sent to the all buyers with all my books. You don’t need even to cover shipping costs! This mysterious book will arrive at your home uninvited! This is your reward for your loyalty. You can buy and collect all Maidencroatia books here.

Published books so far:

1. Steve Harris book:
2. Maiden fans book:
3. Maiden for Kids book:
4. Somewhere in Time book:
5. Seventh Son book:
6. Powerslave book:
7. No Prayer for the Dying book:

Will be published soon:

8. Fear of the Dark book: (hiden pre-ale in progress)
9. Adrian Smith book: (on sale soon)