Iron Maiden encyclopedia for kids!

IMKids3D frontback

Hello kids, hello parents, hello to all generations of Iron Maiden fanatics. Welcome to the first ever book for kids based on the works of a heavy metal band. Normally, Iron Maiden! While thinking about how Maiden have, since the late ’70s, brought up generation after generation of fans, some of which are now parents of young kids who also might be Maiden fans, I decided to write a book which would be a cross between a picture book, an ABC book and an encyclopedia for children between 7 and 15 years of age. I believe that many fans have young children and that this would be an ideal way to introduce them to the world of Iron Maiden. Through illustrations suitable for children and interesting stories based on Maiden songs, your kids will get to know, in an interesting and insightful way, the following:

– Who is the most famous imaginary person from Transylvania?
– Who was the Phantom of the Opera? Who was Genghis Khan?
– Who are the Native Americans and why do some people call them Indians?
– When did the Viking voyages take place?
– What is a solar eclipse?
– What happened to Icarus?
– What was it like during the time of the dinosaurs?
– Why were the pyramids built?
– Who was Alexander the Great?
– What happened to Moonchild?
– How do submarines work? Why are people afraid of the dark?
– Will the earth collide with an asteroid?
– Who were the Highlanders?
– Who are the Nomads and where do they travel?
– What is an atomic bomb and why is it dangerous?
– When did we start to explore outer space?
– What is Empire of the clouds?

And much, much more…

Of course, everything in this book is described in a way that is easy for children to comprehend, and can serve as an extra education which will encourage your children to explore various topics, read books and encyclopedias outside of school. The illustrations in this book are drawings done in a picture book/encyclopedic style, and they were drawn by hand by the excellent Croatian artists Luka Valković and Violeta Juras.