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Dominik Fox – Harris book
James Read – Harris book
Mariusz Fedak – Harris Book
Johan Linderson – Harris book
Francois Farmine – Harris, Powerslave, SIT, 7th Son, NPFTD, FOTD books


This book will be finished in late January 2018.
Leather edition: Stjepan Juras (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Robert Festa (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Gary Pruitt, Troy Schurer, Grzegorz Krempa, Bruce Brownlee, Juho Montonen, John Penhallurich (+ goodies), Andrea Faedi, Glenn Halfmann, Frank Robert Dahl, Jan Drumm, Dave Batch, Roman Lehach, Juan Antonio Chinchilla, Ulrick Mortensen, Boaz Bar Levy, Tim Phillips, Philippe Landreaud (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Ludovic Bergaut, Claude Hansen, Gary Preusser, Rasmus Stawnsborg, Paul Woodcock, Christian Iseppato (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Gary Barnes, Shatalin Mikhail, Martin Berger, Erik de Hoog (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Ulf Robert Akerman, Thomas Kerrigan (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Thomas Oppedal, Frank De Dyn, John Husom, Carsten Fiedler, Augustin Soler (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Brian Daudt Sørensen, Derek Conley, Laura Entwistle, Marc Hanlet, Jonathan McGeoghan, David Lancharro Delgado, Frederic Michiels (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Barry Considine, Andrew Donaldson, Renato Paiva, Richard Evans, Philip Cole (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Gary Rodgers (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt and CD), Alfred Mitter, Francisco Sare (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Toni Patrikainen, Christian Sorkalla, Kenneth Gallup, Juzawa Hironao (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Caraba Valentin, Enrico Sturaro, Fernando Lacombe (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Marco Moreno, Simon Franklin, Richard Bruzzese, Jaime Ransanz, Michael Holzinger, Dyllan Christofaro, William Wensel, Derryk Cannon, Layin Madhavan, Carles W. Hundley Jr, Alan Cook, Matti Sillanpää (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Josef Bambuch, Fabian Oliveira, Daniel Kuemin, Henri Kok, Nicolas Dehaine, Thomas Venemark, Peter Maloy, Richard Pearson, Nathan Waters, Brian Lucchini (+ tshirt M), Radolfo Abram, Bozhidar Doychev, Cristiano Canali, Josep Baro, Stanley Kaufman, Jan Ãrlehed, Johan Linderson, Rob Norris, Stephen Hevican, Eric Engi, Chad Litersky, David Oldham, Arjan de Jongste, Gary Perusser, Juan Gomez Patricio, Terry Kremer, Stuart Cooper (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), James Orioles, Heather Williams, Martin Ach, Heiko Roedl, Dionisis Paravalos, Dominik Fox (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt), Monica Bennet (x2), Francois Farmine (plus Hammersmith and T-shirt)
Hammersmith edition: Craig Barclay, Pedro Rivera, Kevin Rhodes, Frank Boehmer, Antonio Miotto, Johan Petersson (x2), Bryan Kelley, Arkadi Borissov, Thomas Parsons, Jesse Little, Kris Mascaux, Stefan Thurner, Frank Bodendorf, Jens Warme, Mario Ebner, Steve Lewington, Doc Fenner, Kevin Paish, James Read, Javier Pereiro Barcelo, Sergio Ramos Lopez, Daniel Goet, Keneth MacLeod, Rob Morris, Chris Mygrant, Michael Guyer, Sascha Hennenberger…

PIECE OF MIND BOOK (unpublished)

This book will be delivered in March 2018. List of ‘Piece of Mind’ buyers will be available in 5 days: