Self-published, a very special WARHORSE bundle, featuring a DVD single + Paul Di’Anno event t-shirt is one of the biggest hits on the heavy metal music market this month. The single of the hitherto unknown Croatian band WARHORSE, in which Paul Di’Anno is singer, is blindly sold over 600 copies since it was released in pre-sale in May. Namely, fans did not even have a chance to hear the songs, and the premiere was followed in mid-June when the long-awaited video for the single ‘Stop the War’ was released. In the meantime, the bundle has sold almost 640 copies, and it will be sold out very soon, as only 666 copies have been put on sale at Steve Harris is the proud owner of this single number 111. Paul Di’Anno has put his copy with number 001 up for a big auction that will start on Monday, August at 8pm (Central European Summer time) and last until the end of the week. You can access the auction on the link below and become the owner of this special edition signed by Paul Di’Anno, from his personal collection. All proceeds go entirely to the cost of treatment and upcoming surgeries of Paul Di’Anno.

There is no better feeling than, after seven years in a wheelchair, celebrating a birthday on your own feet! Paul Di’Anno celebrated his 64th birthday on May 17th. With his exceptional commitment, will, desire and mental strength, he showed his fighting spirit and gratitude to all the fans and friends who helped him perform a miracle in less than half a year! But the final battle is yet to come. Paul will soon have new surgeries and the final struggle for independence and unlimited movement with his fully recovered legs. Therefore, all fans are invited to, together with him, enter this last battle until the final victory.

Even during his treatment in Croatia, Paul’s spirit did not rest. Together with Croatian friends, he formed his new band and project WARHORSE and recorded as many as three new, fantastic songs in the studio. They decided to release two of them, ‘Stop the War’ and ‘The Doubt Within’, as a special DVD single featuring the two songs and a Paul’s video message to all fans who bought this single and thus helped raise funds for operations. Along with the single, each customer will receive a special event t-shirt, designed by Robert Štivičić (Crusader Art), made for his first concert in seven years, which was held in Zagreb on May 21, 2022. This concert was filmed and will be shown in a documentary about Paul Di’Anno, directed by the famous director of the film ‘Lemmy’ Wes Orshoski.

The DVD on the new single release of the WARHORSE will have two releases, one of which will be completely different. Namely, discs with the numbers 001, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 and 666 will be made on a completely different DVD disk and each of them will have a printed serial number on the disc, while all the others will have a serial number on the cardboard box of the single in the form of a specially made sticker. Number 666 has already been successfully sold at our first auction. Number 001 will be auctioned from August 8th. Steve Harris is owner of number 111. We collect all the income for the next three Paul’s surgeries and treatments in between. Check the difference on the picture below.

The single is only available as a bundle with t-shirt and, as we said, with the purchase of this bundle you have directly helped raise funds for Paul’s upcoming surgeries. The first single ‘Stop the War’ carries a strong and today much needed message to the whole world. Paul Di’Anno has shown once again why he is a favorite Maiden singer to many. This single is his definitive return in the greatest style with which he reached his ‘glory days’.

This auction starts on August 8 at 8pm and will last till end of the week. Although it is a unique signed DVD single from Paul Di’Anno’s private collection, its greatest value is that the customer with the highest bid will actually help Paul get back on his feet the most. The winner will get, the signed DVD single and T-shirt (size XXL). This bundle will be sent to winner with a tracked shipment from Croatia within a week of the auction. the single is in a cardboard box and will be carefully packed together with the t-shirt. The starting price is 66.6 Euros. Good luck!

This link will be active on August 8th