40th anniversary (1982 – 2022)

March 22, 2022; we celebrate the 40th birthday of an album that changed the music world forever. In order to mark this great anniversary in a dignified way, we are publishing a special document that shows us all the greatness and significance of this album. ‘The Number of the Beast’ black leather book, 40th anniversary edition, blood red golden print, new exciting extra chapter and additional ‘Tam o’ Shanter’ / ‘Book of Revelation’ book, as special gift. Only 66 anniversary, numbered books will be available. Pre-sale starts on February 15, 2022. BE READY!

When Maiden announced that the album ‘Killers’ is ‘cutting edge of Heavy Metal’ might just be a few people, they knew that the cutting edge would just happen a year later. No one could dream of what would suddenly and permanently change the heavy metal we knew so far. This album is ABC book of metal music and this book is the first insight of this kind into the most hidden secrets of this epic album. From the initial, biblical ‘Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea’, to the diabolic scream, (a homage to the scream in the song ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’), the album’s title song shows us all the strength of the blow this album has been challenged by the music market.

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