Brazilian Beast is the most spectacular Paul Di’Anno and Maiden Related tour merch you will ever have the opportunity to own. Paul Di’Anno, after a long-term break caused by a difficult health situation (due to which he even declared the previous tour his last in his life), went on a big tour in South America, including a record-long Brazilian tour with over 30 concerts. Despite the difficulties at the very beginning, the tour showed that this is exactly where Paul belongs and that this is just the beginning of his new life. For all those who could not witness this unique tour on which Paul sings only Maiden classics, we have prepared something special: THE BRAZILIAN BEAST, a spectacular bundle, a merch box containing a unique tour t-shirt, guitar pick, A3 full color poster, and fantastic full color tour book. If classic Iron Maiden tour books from their prime are on your mind, you’ll get just that; a tour book that every fan can only dream of. That tour book is so special that it will only be offered to Maidencroatia customers and will not be offered even on the tour.

However, the crown of this entire bundle is the fantastic official Paul Di’Anno action figure (made by Brazilian company Crobetoys), which was made on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the release of the Iron Maiden album and which is part of a Corbe Comics limited series. The manufacturer of this action figure, which has driven fans all over the world crazy, has no intention of worldwide distribution due to logistical reasons and sells it exclusively in Brazil, which makes it difficult for fans to buy it and it is very difficult to get hold of it. Since going on this tour gave birth to a unique opportunity to bring 200 copies of this action figure back to Europe, ONLY 200 FASTEST FANS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD WILL HAVE A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO ORDER THIS TOUR BUNDLE, INCLUDING AN ACTION FIGURE! The  price of each bundle is 60 Euros and worldwide tracked shipping is included in this price. Each bundle will be sent from mid May to early June. Photo of the pick will be added today later.


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