From ‘Phantom of the Opera’ to ‘Brave New World’, Iron Maiden and classic literature have always been an integral part of the secret formula that’s fueled the imaginations of millions of people, taking two masterpieces – the musical and the literary – to form ultimate creations as though from the hand of some ‘higher power’. ‘Dune’, ‘Hamlet, ‘Lord of the Flies’, ‘The Lonelines of the Long Distance Runner’, ‘Name of the Rose’, ‘Julius Ceasar’ and many other legendary works of literature are part and parcel of Iron Maiden’s discography. In this series of unique educational books, ‘Iron Maiden and Classic Literature’, for the first time in history I’ll take you on a magical journey where art and the imagination erase all boundaries, merging beautifully into songs that have become part of the soundtrack to our lives.


‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ is the song that repeatedly broke all stereotypes in metal music. Not only it was a story narrated in an educational, storytelling way as if someone was recounting a novel but it’s riddled with amazing unexpected plot twists, so sudden it never gives the listener a second of a break while actually using the actual text of Coleridge’s poem. ‘Aces High’ was a killer introduction to the album together with ‘Two Minutes To Midnight’, and ‘Powerslave’ was an oriental touch that went hand in hand with the visual concept of the album, but ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ was the track which left people speechless, gasping for air. It was exactly what the ‘Powerslave’ album needed to become what most people claim it truly is – a legendary record. The first and the last album by Iron Maiden without compromises. A triumph of raw creativity void of any calculations.


‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’ is a literary masterpiece, combining the greatest virtues of legendary American author Edgar Allan Poe in its wondrous tale. It is a fascinating story whose main character, investigator Auguste Dupin, is the precursor to all detective stories and novels, but it is Poe’s unspeakable horror, bordering on the supernatural. For the first time ever, it has taken on a new guise, inspired by the Iron Maiden song of the same name. For Maiden fans this book is a special treat – the role of Inspector Dupin in the illustrations has fallen to Iron Maiden’s legendary mascot Eddie. Not only that, author Stjepan Juras brings you the story of the inception of Poe’s work and the Maiden song, together with a critique and side-by-side analysis. The book also features brief biographies, where you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about Poe and Iron Maiden.

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