tastethebeast‘Taste the Beast’ is the title of another one of Maidencroatia books that will become available for sale soon. Author Stjepan Juras stated: ‘After having published ‘Steve Harris – The Clairvoyant’, Iron Maiden for Maiden kids’, ‘No Matter How Far… Iron Maiden Fans Will Be There’, ‘Powerslave’, Somewhere in Time’, ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’, ‘No Prayer for the Dying’, and having written the soon-to-be-published book about Adrian Smith ‘Stranger In a Strange Land’ and ‘Fear of the Dark’ book I plan to publish one more book, which will seem very strange to Maiden fans. While thinking about how Maiden’s songs have, since I was very young, had an influence on my life view and education, together with my friends I decided to put those experiences in writing, in the form of the following book:

‘Taste the Beast’ will be the only Maiden cookbook in the world, and I don’t think that there are other cookbooks based on lyrics and names of any other band or performer. Iron Maiden are a band whose songs are based on historical facts, mythology and elements that often mention certain territories, countries and topics which can easily be presented in the cookbook format. The concept of the book is to approach every of the songs from the list below in several ways: the lyrics will be explained to the reader, together with the relevant historical fact and other pieces of information. It will be followed by an interesting recipe which can be recreated in your home, together with the photo of the dish, decorated in a Maidenesque style, together with an appropriate beverage. I hope this will be a family favorite for those families which include a Maiden fan or two, and that it will serve as a good guide to various world gastronomes.

– Iron Maiden (Food of Church heads during the Dark ages)
– Transylvania (Transylvanian traditional cuisine)
– Running Free (traditional L.A. or Californian cuisine)

– Murders In the Rue Morgue (Traditional South Italian cuisine)
– Genhis Khan (Chinese and Mongolian traditional cuisine)
– Purgatory (our own paradise menu)

– Invaders (Viking cuisine)
– Run To the Hills (Traditional cuisine of American Natives)
– Hallowed Be Thy Name (what would be our last meal)

– Where Eagels Dare (traditional German cuisine)
– Flight of Icarus (Ancient Greek cuisine)
– The Trooper (old English, Russian, Sardinian or Turky cuisine)
– Quest For Fire (Stone age food)

– Aces high (Churchill’s favorite food)
He enjoyed raw oysters, roast beef with yorkshire pudding and vegetables with a gravy sauce including a spot of Marmite. He loved sweets including chocolate eclairs and plenty of stilton cheese with grapes and nuts. He also favoured French food especially crepes but in the main good old roast beef and yorksire pud would do anytime.
– Powerslave (tradtitional Egyptian cuisine)
– Rime of the Ancient Mariner (old maritime food)

– The Lonelines of the Long Distance Runner (English working class cuisine)
– Stranger in a Strange Land (traditional Icelandic, Arctic, Antarctic or Canadian cuisine)
– Alexander The Great (traditional Macedonian/Greek cuisine)

– Moonchild (traditional Middle Eastern cuisine around 1 AC)
– The Evil That Men Do (Roman Empire cuisine)
– Only the good die young (special Eddie’s menu)

– Holy Smoke (rich menu of TV preachers)
– Run Silent, Run Deep (military food in submarines)
– Mother Russia (traditional Russian cuisine)

– Be Quick Or Be Dead (fast food or junk food menu)
– Afraid to Shoot Strangers (traditional Middle East cuisine)
– Fear of the dark (dark coloured food)

– Sign of the cross (traditional cuisine of Gregorian monks)
– Blood on the World’s hands (food with the taste of blood)
– The edge of darkness (traditional Vietnamese cuisine)

– The Angel and the Gambler (food on Missisippi casino boats)
– The Clansman (traditional Scotland cuisine)
– Come Estais Amigos (traditional Argentinian, and Falkland Islands cuisine)

– The Wickerman (food from Summerisle island)
– Brave New World (food for next century)
– The Nomad (traditional food of nomads, gypsies)

– Montesgur (Catars cuisine)
– Dance of Death (traditional Louisiana cuisine)
– Paschendale (traditional Belgian cuisine)

– These Colours Don’t Run (traditional Croatian cuisine)
– The Pilgrim (Mayflower Cuisine)
– Longest Day (traditional cuisine of Normandia)

– Eldorado (traditional Aztecs, Spanish or Mexican cuisine)
– Isle of Avalon (traditional Welsh cuisine)
– Where the wild Winds Blow (traditional Japanese cuisine)
– Coming Home (traditional English cuisine)

– *Bonus (Rock in Rio), traditional Brazilian cuisine…