Each customer is listed here by name and surname. We are on a tour with Paul Di’Anno. As soon as we come back to office (December 17th), we will send figures to everyone. All buyers from Europe will receive the action figure by Christmas 2023, and the rest between Christmas and the new year.


LA006748879HR Are Gogstad X4
LA006748953HR Lisle Brittain
LA006748967HR Joakim Wikander
LA006748975HR Edward Stites
LA006748984HR Robert Maibaum
LA006749004HR Gerwin Gfrerer
LA006749018HR Thomas Dubel
LA006749021HR Mira Desforges
LA006749035HR Christobal Daetz
LA006749070HR Steve Wille
LA006749110HR Rob Jones
LA006749137HR Alfred Brittenden
LA006749145HR Gail Godfrey
LA006749154HR Dale Tomlinson
LA006749171HR Ian Lipschutz
LA006749185HR Lance Rutledge