The book about Iron Maiden’s first album and the ‘Phantom Package’ (three books and anniversary patch) will be released as soon as ‘Killers’ book is shipped in March to all who bought a copy. It means, we will celebrate ‘Killers book’ on 40th anniversary date and Iron Maiden book at least on the 41th anniversary date in April! This will be a unique package in many ways with around 700 pages in these 3 books. The book ‘Iron Maiden’ has been hugely successful in presale, with a whopping 44 new fans opting for the unique ‘Phantom Package’ in addition to my standard customers.

As a responsible author, due to the abovementioned unforeseen circumstances resulting in a delay to the book’s release, I’ve decided to make a gesture of respect and thanks to all of you for supporting Iron Maiden as fans, and my books. That’s REALLY something to appreciate. Because you’ve had to wait for this book, I will send all my new customers a gift, another Maiden related book in the coming days, and cover the shipping. Additionally, everyone who purchased either the ‘Phantom Package’ or ‘Iron Maiden’ will receive an equally valuable gift from me. Check the list below, and you’ll find your name, order summary, free gift and tracking number, as well as any other information about shipping your gift. It’s the least I can do for fans as loyal as you!

NEW CUSTOMERS: Every customer to whom this was their first order as a free gift will receive one of these Maiden related books (random selection):
– Murders in the Rue Morgue
– Rime of the Ancient Mariner
All packing and shipping costs are covered by Stjepan Juras. All books will be sent very soon. Find all tracking numbers very soon. on this page.

STANDARD CUSTOMERS: Every customer who has shopped on this site more than once will receive a special ‘Killers’ black shopping bag along with their ‘Iron Maiden’ book or ‘Phantom Package’. The gift will be sent to them along with the book. The bag is not for sale and will never be on sale. It is made exclusively as a special  free gift to all standard pre-sale customers (because they mostly have all my previous books). See the picture below. (the design can be upgraded with anniversary notice or hand with the hacket on other side. You will be updated on time.


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