Neal Kay is a NWOBHM legend for whose biographical book the legendary bass guitarist and founder of the band Iron Maiden Steve Harris decided to write foreword. That fact alone speaks to how crucial Neal Kay was to Iron Maiden’s early success, and in this book we’ll find out everything that hasn’t been talked about to date! Strictly limited to 333 copies, hardcover, full color edition, with a special certificate, is called the ‘Soundhouse Premium’ edition and will be a gem in any serious book collection.

The special, luxurious, hardcover, full color edition of this book with the cover page printed in gold print is a unique edition that only the first 333 fans will be able to buy and which will never be on sale again. What makes this edition special? In addition to being a very heavy, large format book, printed on the highest quality paper, every customer of the ‘Soundhouse Premium’ edition will receive a special A4 hard paper certificate of authenticity of this edition of the book as a gift with the original ‘The Soundhouse Tapes’ sleeve text written by NEAL KAY back in 1979. Each certificate will be numbered and protected by holographic printing. A special addition to this edition (in case the buyer is the owner of the original EP ‘The Soundhouse Tapes’), will be a very special gift that will put a ‘dot on and on’ to their collector’s treasure.


After many years of waiting, the day has finally come when I can proudly announce the beginning of the pre-sale of one of the most anticipated biographical books in the history of heavy metal music. NEAL KAY, an undisputed icon, a man who was at the forefront of the creation and rise of the heavy metal scene in the UK, and thus worldwide, for the first time in this book and in this way opened his soul and heart and recounted his turbulent life in a way no one has done before.

Who is NEAL KAY? Someone with only superficial knowledge of the origins and development of the heavy metal scene might think ‘oh, this is just one of the DJs, who found themselves in the right place and at the right time in the crazy seventies and eighties, however NEAL KAY is a living encyclopedia and a key person in forming not just one musical genre, but an entire movement and way of life that has permanently changed the world. A man who gave a ‘home’ to heavy metal fans, a man who formed the charts that changed the big players on the music scene, a man who drew mainstream media attention to the angry music of new working-class heroes and a man who by his influence and his vision with golden letters inscribed the name IRON MAIDEN in the great book of musical history.

No wonder the great STEVE HARRIS decided to write a foreword for this biographical book and thus show how much he appreciates NEAL KAY and everything he has done for IRON MAIDEN. “What can I say about NEAL KAY? A man of his word, straight talking and a man of honor and belief. My kind of person! He believed in Maiden at a time when we truly needed that belief and commitment.”, STEVE HARRIS began his words in this book and ended them with “We became very good friends and even roomed together on tour as everyone had to ‘twin up ‘to keep costs down! We both have great memories from those days, I’m sure Neal will embellish them in his story. We remain friends to this day and long may the friendship continue.”

It’s too long and a fascinating story of his nearly sixty-year career to fit into this brief announcement of a book that takes us back to the earliest days of the rock and roll scene in post-war UK and through unforgettable adventures in West Berlin where NEAL KAY matured as a DJ. We will learn incredible details about the beginnings of the heavy metal scene in London, but also, we will find unforgettable music stories and projects from Portugal, Japan and other places around the world. The story of his almost 60-year career is too long and fascinating to fit into this short announcement of a book that takes us to the earliest days of the rock and roll scene in post-war Britain and through unforgettable adventures in West Berlin, where NEAL KAY accumulated DJ experience. We will learn amazing details about the beginnings of the heavy metal scene in London, but we will also hear unforgettable music stories and projects from Portugal, Japan and other places around the world. Meet a man who is also a great patriot, an honorable man of words, a pilot, a father and a husband, a proud son of a heroic navigator in RAF Bomber Command, a man of knowledge, experience and words. He is still actively following the scene and looking for a new band, which, like IRON MAIDEN, will revive the genre and take it to new decades of domination.

In this fantastic book for the first time, you will hear some of the never told stories about music icons like LEMMY KILMINSTER, TED NUGENT, ROB HALFORD, BON SCOTT…, about legendary bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Praying Mantis, Metallica, Motorhead, AC/DC, Samson, Angel Witch, and the amazing story of the legendary British medium DORIS STOKES and its importance in the turning point of NEAL‘s life and the whole metal scene, which was in its infancy at the time. You will learn amazing details about the legendary king of cardboard guitar ROB LOONHOUSE, the distinctive Maiden roadie MANU DA SILVA, a backstage story from the first ‘Monsters of Rock’ festival in 1980 and the famous one from 1988.

You’ll hear first-hand the horrific story of a bank robbery in which NEAL’s life hung in the balance with a double-barrelled gun under his nose, and find out how NEAL asked BRUCE DICKINSON to contact STEVE HARRIS, telling him that call would change his life forever. Many friends of NEAL, original members of ‘HEAVY METAL SOUNDHOUSE BANDWAGON’, members of many bands and journalists, including the recently deceased journalist bard MALCOM DOME, shared their stories for this book. Although large, massive and extensive, this book will be read in one breath, as this story is a link in the great history of heavy metal that is missing to tell the story fully.

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