‘Killers’! The first and only Maiden album with just one word in the title, a word that describes it in every way. A killer album, sound, and tour, the Killer Krew… And a grinning monster beneath the yellow light of a street lamp, a bloody axe in his hand and a dying victim – brutal, clear and unbelievably inviting. A band who had attempted to get their big break into the world of big names, their debut album released just a year earlier, was now heading off on a world tour with a release penned almost in its entirety by Steve Harris. Joined by producer Martin Birch, anyone who understands anything about the history of metal music could clearly see: a metal giant was born!

– ‘Red leather’ edition, of ‘Killers’ book, sealed with golden wax seal
– ‘Rue Morgue’ edition of this book with iconic axe on cover page.
– ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’ book (as additional free gift)
– Clive Burr – the last signed autograph card, replica, (as additional free gift)