‘THE IRON MAIDEN YEARS’ – Hardcover on request

Are you ready for something very special? In collaboration with Iron Maiden’s legendary roadie Steve ‘Loopy’ Newhouse I decided to release his bestseller, a must-have book for every Maiden fan: ‘The Iron Maiden Years’ in hardcover!! As a big Iron Maiden fan myself, and a man who truly respects Loopy, I have decided on this move in order to pay my respects to this great man and his book by making it a collector’s classic, as well as to ensure Loopy will have the funds so essential to his future projects. Since this, hardcover edition for collectors is actually sold out in pre-ordering period, I can sell you this book only on request. It mean, you need to wait for delivery up the 30 days after your request.

What do you need to know before your purchase? Take a look and check these steps:

01. A Maiden fan pre-orders the hardcover book exclusively on this website.
02.  Loopy will send a single, personalized  paperback book to me.
03. Experts at the printing agency take apart the entire book.
04. They will print the new hard cover and bind it all back together (this is an incredibly complicated task which many printers refuse to do

05. The book has to lie for a longish period under a heavy press – to prevent it from falling apart
06. The book is protected and packed inside a hard paper box and sent to you via registered mail.

NOTE BEFORE YOUR ORDER: Your book will be sent to you up to 7 days after your purchase. This is ‘on request’ service, created for every single customer who want to purchase this book. Every order is unique, a service created only for you. Seven persons will work on your request to make this service possible. At this moment 93 books is sold. Only 100 will be created! HURRY UP!

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