‘The Iron Maiden Years’ – a hard cover book is available ’till Brexit date!

Loopy before Christmas, Nightmare before Brexit!

Dear Maiden fans. We’re slowly coming to the end of the year and a period of gifting. This time, as promised, we’re giving all our Maiden fans something exclusive, something that will be available for less than one month – because of legal and customs restrictions, everything must be finished before Brexit! In collaboration with Stjepan Juras, Iron Maiden’s legendary roadie Steve ‘Loopy’ Newhouse is releasing his bestseller, a must-have book for every Maiden fan: ‘The Iron Maiden Years’ in hardcover!! We know, we know, many have asked for this masterpiece to be reissued in a collector’s hardcover edition. And now, at the end of 2019, it’s finally happening.

How did we come to the idea for this and what did the process look like? Well, since Loopy had printed a large number of paperback copies, it would have made zero sense to release a hardcover until all of these had sold out. However, Stjepan offered Loopy a solution which initially seemed weird, complicated and impossible, but thanks to the skill of our print shop employees, it became possible after all. The process is as follows:

  • A Maiden fan orders the hardcover book
  • Loopy waits for larger number of orders, so he can send a larger package of paperbacks to Croatia, using air or snail mail
  • Experts at the printing agency (generally some of the best names to turn to for the restoration of ancient books and incunables) take apart the entire book, print the new hard cover and bind it all back together (this is an incredibly complicated task which many printers refuse to do, since the work is very specific and there are other issues that hardcover printing entails)
  • Each cover is embossed with a serial number and personalisation
  • A unique ‘early days’ postcard with Clive Bzrr the last ever signature is inserted in each book
  • The book has to lie for a longish period under a heavy press – to prevent it from falling apart
  • Using the age-old method of warming a spoon over a candle, a wax seal is placed on the book, which will be additionally protected from breaking during transport
  • The book is packed inside a specially made custom box and sent to you via registered mail, with a tracking number.

Why is it incredibly important that we receive all your orders by 31/01/2020, specifically before the final Brexit date? Because this is the last date by which Loopy will be able to send large numbers of books to Croatia without paying huge amounts in taxes. Because of this, we will take orders until 25/01/2020, and the books will be sent during February 2020, since we will receive them in small amounts and each will have to be personalized, bound and sealed.

As a big Iron Maiden fan myself, and a man who truly respects Loopy, I have decided on this move in order to pay my respects to this great man and his book by making it a collector’s classic, as well as to ensure Loopy will have the funds so essential to his future projects, which we all eagerly await. The books will be numbered, sent out exclusively through pre-orders, and after Brexit it will never again be available as a hardcover! We’re limited by time here, so be quick – it’s very possible that orders we receive by the end of 2019 go out as early as January 2020. All preo-rders of this special book can be placed here! Up the Irons!


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