Dear fans
Behind us is one of the most magnificent days I remember since I became an Iron Maiden fan. I thought that August 10, 2008, when my band Rising Dream performed as a very special guest og Iron Maiden at a big stadium concert in Split, was the highlight of what I could experience as an Iron Maiden fan, however May 22, 2022 and that whole weekend will remain permanently etched in memory of all Maiden fans, and for me, as a future father, these were unforgettable moments.


This photo of Paul and Steve together after 30 years is something that all the world’s media wrote about and something that every Maiden fan has long wished for. Of course, there was also Rod Smallwood and many other friends and family members, however the story of the encounter began much, much earlier. Ever since Paul came to Croatia for treatment, the eyes of the world public have turned to Zagreb. Iron Maiden as a band, an institution and as friends were well informed about what was going on. Moreover, Steve Harris has been in contact with Paul all the time via mobile phone (which Paul often talked about on social media) and has been closely monitoring how the treatment is progressing. A lot of fans, during all these months, used to ask ‘where is Iron Maiden in all this’, but for the right things you have to wait for the right time. Iron Maiden NEVER, during their career, have left their friends and for almost half a century have helped many times without the public even being aware of it. Equally they NEVER left Paul and that’s the truth you need to know. However, this story is specific and has its beginning, but it will also have its own ‘grande finale’, which is yet to be published and for which I ask you to be patient. In short, Paul completed his treatments to prepare his leg for final surgery. He only has two weeks of treatment left in the baro-chamber, after which the big moment finally arrives when Paul will perform all three major surgeries in July 2022, and the final dental surgery in early October. If everything goes according to plan and without the possible risks that this procedure carries, Paul could walk on his own from the end of September 2022.


Many fans ask if Paul’s concert in Zagreb, the first after seven years, was recorded? Yes, it was filmed with 8 professional cameras, a large number of photos and accompanying promotional material were taken and there are many photos and videos from the meeting of Paul and Steve after 30 years. Director Wes Orshoski is currently making a top documentary film about Paul, which will be released by Cleopatra Records and which will bring many never-before-seen moments, which will leave fans speechless.


In the fall of 2022, a big surprise awaits you, namely a contract with one of the world’s largest record labels and the release of something that fans have been waiting for years. But this is just the beginning… With his Croatian band WARHORSE Paul announces a new album, and the video for the song ‘Stop the War’ will be released in mid-June 2022.

Paul’s meeting with Rod and Steve was not accidental, nor what will happen soon, you can be sure of that. Paul really enjoyed watching the Maiden concert in Zagreb and I was honored to be with him in that emotional moment. Paul will have his first big surprise concert this fall at one of the cult metal festivals, followed by a tour of South and Central America, Europe and Canada, while other dates and festivals 2023 are still being worked on. As the official booking agent of Paul Di’Anno I will do my best to have him sometimes play together with British Lion, if such a combination is possible. There are many interesting events, many agreements and many exciting things ahead of us, but at the moment I can’t write about it, but believe me, you will find out everything in time. All of this will, with much more detail, be written in one of my future books that will reveal the true course of all these events, and even those things that not even a documentary will reveal to you.


What you are all interested in now is the following: When will the special bundle (Single + event t-shirt) be sent to everyone who ordered it, as well as the upcoming books? I have great news. So far, we have sold over 500 bundles and, in a few days, all 666 will be sold out. Steve Harris is the proud owner of the 111 and if you haven’t managed to buy a bundle so far and thus help fund the treatment, now is the time. You can do so at and the tracking numbers where you can track the status of the shipment are at this link:

On the tracking link, read carefully how you can track your shipment and find your name. If there are no names, don’t panic, we add about 50 new names every day. Please note that packing and shipping is done only by my wife and me, and that my wife is in the 38th week of pregnancy. On June 14th, she will give birth to a little girl, Iris, by caesarean section. Iris will be a very special girl because Paul Di’Anno has expressed a desire to be her uncle and so it will be! Iris was at Iron Maiden concert with her mom Violeta in her belly and even met Harris, when we recorded a little video message for her, which Iris will watch when she grows up.



At you can find tracking numbers for Burning Records vol.3, while at you can find tracking numbers for The Number of the Beast, 40th anniversary edition. Also, we’ll be adding new names every day, so don’t worry if yours isn’t currently on the list. Check in every day at the end of the day.


The remaining three books will be published in the summer of 2022. The official biography ‘NEAL KAY – RECOLLECTIONS OF A ROCK DJ’ originally announced for the end of May 2022 will be published in the summer of 2022. The book is almost finished and the first copy of the book will be handed to Steve Harris (who wrote the foreword for the book). At a similar time, the book ‘VIRTUAL XI’ will be published, while ‘STEVE HARRIS – THE CLAIRVOYANT’, A VERY SPECIAL 66TH BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY BOOKLET’ will most likely be released in June 2022. Namely, the book is finished and the only thing we are waiting for is an interview with Steve’s sister Linda Harris. I believe none of you want to miss reading something about Steve’s childhood and growing up. Linda wrote to me the following today and I’ve decided it is worth the wait. She is simply great person and I believe interview with her will be amazing:

There are about 500 new fans on my emailing list this week and for some my books on Iron Maiden are news, which they have only heard a little about. Luckily for me (and them), these are books that are loved and appreciated by fans around the world and are also appreciated in the Iron Maiden circle. Moreover, Steve Harris has given me great recognition by taking photos with all my books, which he has read before and which I hope, with his help and upgrade, will one day become official.



The special edition of Steve’s biography is special in that Steve personally approved new interlocutors for the book. At the moment there are only 15 book sets left and you can buy them at All other mentioned and unmentioned books about Iron Maiden can be found at


Self-published a very special WARHORSE bundle, featuring a DVD single + Paul Di’Anno event t-shirt is one of the biggest hits on the world heavy metal music market this month. The single of the hitherto unknown Croatian band WARHORSE, in which Paul Di’Anno is on vocals, has sold (blind pre-sale) over 500 copies since it was released in pre-sale in May. Namely, fans did not even have a chance to hear the songs, and the premiere will follow in mid-June when the long-awaited video for the single ‘Stop the War’ will be released. In the meantime, the bundle has sold almost 550 copies, and it will be sold out very soon, as only 666 copies have been put on sale at Steve Harris is the proud owner of 111, and Paul Di’Anno has put his copy with number 666 up for a big auction that symbolically started on Monday, June 6 at 6pm (Central European Summer time) and will last until the end of the week. You can access the auction at and become the owner of this special edition signed by Paul, from Paul’s personal collection. All proceeds go entirely to the cost of treatment and upcoming surgeries from Paul Di’Anno.

Soon, in mid-June, I’m sending you another exciting newsletter with lots of interesting information and news, and until then, enjoy the Maiden tour and see you soon, if you’re coming to Rock in Rio!

Up the Irons!