The time has finally come and the long-awaited official biography of Neal Kay – ‘Recollections of a Rock DJ’ on December 22 at 9pm is finally heading into pre-sale. Steve Harris also wrote his words and memories in the book, and he (along with Neal) will have the honor of being the first to read this book. A special email in which all the details about the book, pre-sale, special edition, etc. will be written, will be sent to everyone by email tomorrow, so don’t forget to check your email inboxes. In this email we bring you details about all the other books.


The time of Christmas and the end of 2021 has come, so with this email we want to send everyone the long-awaited news. Books: ‘Burning Records… Burning Books’ (volume 2), Iron Maiden, Phantom of the Opera, Phantom Package, ‘Somewhere in Time’ (35th anniversary edition),’ Somewhere in Time (Italian Edition), ‘Help Di’Anno’ book-set and all other previously published books were sent to all customers. The vast majority of the book has already been received, and everyone else will receive it these days. The reactions of everyone who received the books and packages are fantastic and that makes me very happy. The last shipment of 60 packages was sent today, so the tracking numbers will be active from tonight! Follow all your books at and let us know your impressions. Note: we sent a book ‘Killers’ to one customer of the ‘Help Di’Anno’ box-set, on which the title page was printed in reverse. As soon as he gets it, let him know and we will send him a new book, and he can keep this one as a rarity.


For the book Maiden Avenue, by Ricardo Lira, I still claim that the most interesting Iron Maiden related book has ever been written and that all fans will be delighted when they receive it. Large posters featuring the biggest Iron Maiden family tree have already been printed, however as Ricardo is the most meticulous author I have met, the book, although written months before, has been modified several times at the last minute to make it better and more detailed. My wife Violeta is currently finishing the design of the book and I enjoy watching the book being created every day. Although we have predicted that the book will be ready by Christmas 2021, work on it will certainly take until the beginning of January 2022, so it will go to press in January and will be in your hands quickly. Apologies for the slight delay, but when you see the book, it will finally be completely clear to you how big, demanding and monstrous this project is, which in a way borders on madness. Get a book with a big poster and the Iron Maiden family tree at


The famous ‘Burning Records’ books never cease to amaze Maiden fans. Volumes 1 and 2 have been sent to all fans and great reactions are arriving from all over the world to volume 2, which has been sent to all customers these days. Volume 3 hits the market on March 23. 2022 and with that book the big trilogy of books about Iron Maiden singles will finally be closed, and then the anticipation of the trilogy about Maiden albums starts! All books from the trilogy can be ordered at with the remark that the special edition volume 3 with a certificate will be sold out soon, so don’t miss out on buying this publishing gem.


The story of Paul Di’Anno’s arrival in Croatia so that doctors could save his legs, so that finally, after seven years, he could walk and return to performances, has just gained a new dimension. Exactly the day before the big Iron Maiden concert in Croatia, Paul will perform at a free concert in Zagreb, to greet all the fans and thank them for everything they did for him. We hope you find a way and time and come to witness the first Di’Anno concert in seven years and the first Maiden concert in two and a half years.

We ask you once again, if you want to do one special and good thing this Christmas time, please click on and see how you can help Paul by purchasing a special WHU edition of the book ‘Killers’ which will be printed in just 50 copies.

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, however we will do so tomorrow in a big email in which you will finally meet all the details about the long-awaited biographical book about Neal Kay, which goes on presale on Wednesday, December 22 at 9pm. Don’t miss tomorrow’s email, especially if you own the original EP ‘The Soundhouse Tapes’. In that case, you will be glad that you read the email on time!


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