On April 14th 2020, we celebrate 40 years since the release of Iron Maiden’s first album. To mark this occasion, we announce an exclusive new book, ‘Iron Maiden’, the final book of the trilogy that began with the black leather edition of ‘Number of the Beast’ and continued with the red leather edition of ‘Killers’. ‘Iron Maiden’ will be bound in brown leather with gold print and a wax seal to close out the ‘early days’ trilogy. Every purchase of this special leather edition comes with a special old school ‘40th Anniversary’ sew-on patch. As with ‘Killers’, if you buy both the leather and regular editions of ‘Iron Maiden’, you’ll get a third book as a gift. This time, the focus is on ‘Phantom of the Opera’. The cover you see here is computer-generated 3D visuals and you won’t feel the true magnificence or see the tiny details and hints that give the leather edition a new dimension – until you hold it in your hands.

Since the coronavirus situation has closed all borders and we ship our books from Slovenia, the books ‘The Iron Maiden Years’, ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’, ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ and ‘Brave New World’ will be posted as soon as this is resolved. The book ‘Iron Maiden’ is not on sale yet, but you can leave your name, surname and email address via the webform below to reserve a special ‘40th Anniversary’ copy with the exclusive patch. Once the abovementioned books have been sent out, we’ll open pre-orders for ‘Iron Maiden’ and those who signed up will get a timely reminder to buy their copy before all others interested. Until then: listen to good music and take care of yourselves, your families and friends. See you soon and remember: the Leather editions of these books will never be reprinted!

NOTE: Cover page of regular ‘Iron Maiden’ book and patch will be revealed during the June 2020.

‘Iron Maiden’ leather edition – pre-registration!

Secure  your copy of ‘Iron Maiden’ book (leather edition + oldschool patch)  below . Id you want to order both editions, you can let us know in meantime.

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