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Essential for Iron Maiden collectors ‘die hard’ fans. When it comes to books that cover every aspect of the existence and work of the world’s biggest bands, it is quite normal that a large number of authors try to write a book that will be the golden grail for all fans. However, Iron Maiden are a special story. In the nearly fifty years since the band was founded, over 200 books have been published, and fans are still thirsty to learn something new. When Stjepan Juras launched a series of books about each album separately, one aspect of Iron Maiden’s history was covered. Many other authors, but also fans like Anastasio Guerero, Marco Gamba, Nicola Visintini, Ervin Lucas, ERIK Gustafsön, Scarf Maiden, Joe Shooman, Lauro Meller, Luis Mariano Rodrugues Rojas, but also insiders like Steve Loopy Newhouse, Derek Riggs, Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith and others have also made immeasurable contributions to the Iron Maiden fan community and the entire music industry and each of them deserves great recognition.
But that’s not even close to what awaits you in the ‘MAIDEN AVENUE’ book, which we can freely say is essential for all Maiden fans, especially for collectors and those who want to know EVERYTHING about every member who has ever played in Maiden or with Maiden. If you thought you knew them all, when you read this book you will realize that we all together still have a lot to discover and learn. For author Ricardo Lira, the story of Iron Maiden does not begin in 1975, but back in 1964, when the first segments of the great Maiden mosaic began to come together. How and in what way it happened that Iron Maiden was founded and how, even before the existence of the band, some songs that we know today as Maiden hits were born, you will find in this book. There is an incredible number of projects of former and current Maiden members that almost only they know about, as well as secret concerts, temporary or session members and other information that will blow your mind.
‘MAIDEN AVENUE’ (volume 1), a hardcover, full-color large-format book that brings the stories and information that Maiden fans and collectors have been waiting for for decades on almost 400 pages, will answer many questions we didn’t know the answer to until now. This book will only be available exclusively at www.maidencroatia.com and when such an edition sells out it will never be available again and anywhere. This book will be published in only 333 copies and will never be available again thereafter. For this reason, we decided to limit the number of copies that one fan can buy. For previous Maidencroatia customers the maximum number is 5, and for new customers 2 books. We believe that this book, like all others, will sell out in just a few days.


The fastest customers for 66 Euros will receive a special, limited edition of this book with a gift poster featuring (for the first time in history) all former and current members of Iron Maiden gathering. The illustrator of this beautiful poster is Cecilia Porto. The second special gift is the most detailed and accurate ‘Family tree’ of the Iron Maiden group you have ever seen printed on a large format. Hurry up and pre-order your copy, because this edition will be sold out in an instant!

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