STEVE HARRIS – The Clairvoyant (Spanish translation)
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Dear friends, please share this news! COVID 19 is a serious threat. For this reason, is that we have started the ‘Maidencroatia initiative’ for all Maiden fans where authors and translators of Iron Maiden related books stand united to make your home isolation more tolerable. I uploaded all my books in English language completely for free. My gesture was followed by Lauro Meller from Brazil, and he gave me his Maiden related book to upload also completely for free. Now, we have new forces involved! My friend and colleague Claudio Vasquez from Chile offered me a free translation of my Steve Harris book in Spanish just to make a great gesture to the world and spread my books on many more countries for people who speak the Spanish language. This version is initially text only, but it will be upgraded in a few days with the pictures of the final version. This book will be also published as hardcover book, and please, if you can, buy this book just to say thank you to him, because he will be paid from that for his brave gesture. This is just a beginning, hopefully we will translate and publish all my books in Spanish in a quick period of time (as fast as we can).

Don’t be afraid to say huge thank you to Claudio for his brave gesture on his Facebook page. Here, on this page below you will find a PayPal pre-sale link for the upcoming release of “Steve Harris – The Clairvoyant” book in Spanish. This book will be printed in April and sent to all buyers at least in May 2020, once governments allow the operation of public services such as post offices, etc. Due to coronavirus, everything is difficult and slow these days in Europe. All your names will be on our tracking subpage and you will find all tracking numbers for your books on this link

NOTE: The first 10 buyers of this book will also get a free of charge ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue‘ book, English version in the same package, so ‘be quick or be… late’! . Read a few words from Claudio:

Hello digital world,

My name is Claudio and I come from Chile. I am a translator and a metalhead, among many other talents. My love for music, and my passion about books and languages blend themselves perfectly on this project. Iron Maiden is a band that has been with me since I was about 12 years old and they have never let me down, and the person that introduced me to Maiden was my religion teacher: the best conversion possible ever. Dedication and creativity are part of what I value the most in life, both signs (in my opinion) of virtue. This project is nothing apart from that.

Thank you! Up the Irons! Stay at home!

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The first 10 buyers will receive a special package with ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue‘ book as free gift!

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Every hardcover book will be numbered, signed and personalized by author Stjepan Juras.
In this price (51 Euros) tracked worldwide shipping is included.
Hardcover copy is 2016 edition (256  pages)


Free PDF copy (2011 edition) can be downloaded at this link. PDF is text only book. Will be upgraded with pics in few days!
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