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Dear fans. By purchasing this special t-shirt, you participated in raising funds for Paul Di’Anno’s surgeries and recovery. I am pleased to inform you that the operations were performed on September 12, 2022 and were characterized as very successful. Paul Di’Anno is making a successful recovery in the hospital from which he will be released on September 26, after which a lengthy rehabilitation process will follow. According to expectations, Paul should stand on his own two feet and walk without crutches in January 2023, and with crutches as early as October 2022. On behalf of Paul and myself, I thank you most sincerely for your selfless help, which came at the right time. About a thousand T-shirts were practically sold out in just three weeks, which shows how big and strong the community of Iron Maiden fans and friends of Paul Di’Anna is.

In this short letter I would like to tell you all the details related to your order and the delivery of the shirt. In the last year, through this site, we have sold a bundle (T-shirt and DVD single) for the same purpose, and numerous books and fans are very satisfied with the service, quality and delivery. The team of people who work selflessly on the project of making and delivering this shirt consists of 2 people (Violeta and Stjepan Juras), who in addition to all their daily duties (daily care of Paul and the little three-month-old girl Iris) take care of the packaging and delivery of all packages. The project of packing and sending 1,000 packages around the world is extremely demanding, because they are tracked packages that outside the EU must have a custom declaration, which requires about 13 minutes of processing per package plus two minutes of sorting. Namely, since these are very delicate orders, we have to be very careful. Each order must be combined with the color of the shirt, the size of the shirt and the name written on the back. If they were to print an order incorrectly, they would hardly be able to correct it anymore. That is why we need a minimum of 15,000 minutes to work on this project, which is about 10 day, provided we work 24 hours a day. In order to avoid many questions about where the shirt is and when it will arrive, here we will write the entire plan for making and delivering the shirt

1. We are currently working on sorting the orders, selecting the t-shirt size, copying your addresses and placing your names on the back design of the t-shirt. That work will certainly last until the end of September 2022.
2. After that, the order and production of the t-shirt will start, which will take about 15 days, i.e. until October 15, 2022.
3. In the meantime, we will post all your names and shirt sizes on this link, so you can see if you are among the customers.
4. From the middle of October, we will place your tracking numbers on this page so that you can follow your order when we send it.
5. When the shirts have been sent, the tracking number will be active and show you where your shirt is.

We expect that all shirts will be sent during October 2022, however, the plan can be extended by a week or two. Follow this page and we will update all the information on it every few days. Once again, thank you for your trust and for saving Paul.


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