Dear customers. On this page you can find a list of delivered books that have been returned to us. We sent all the books to the correct addresses and sent tracking numbers to customers, but some of them simply forgot to pick up the book, while some shipments were returned amid the chaos caused by the lockdown and logistical problems of postal services during the pandemic. Each of these shipments has a tracking number and postage is paid. In cases where an error has occurred on our part, we fully cover the cost of re-sending the books. In case of uncollected mail, we will notify each customer by email for re-payment of postage and packaging. Here you can find your name and the edition of the book you bought. When we re-send you the book, you will find the tracking number of your shipment next to your name. If your name is misspelled, you can’t find your name or the information does not match your order, feel free to contact us to check everything. TRACK YOUR BOOKS HERE.


These books are sent to the addresses provided by customers on their PayPal profile.
The books arrived at their destination, but were not picked up, so they were returned.

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