This is a list of books that will be available on this website in the next six months. We will update this list every month by presenting new books and projects, whether it is the author’s books of Stjepan Juras, his collaboration with other authors and Iron Maiden fans or books by other authors. These pre-sale start dates are subject to change, although we will endeavor to adhere to all of these dates. The cover pages of the books will be published on the first day of the pre-sale start.


  • Virtual XI (Pre-sale – November 11th)
  • Recollections of a Rock DJ (Pre-sale – December 12th) Neal Kay official biography; foreword by Steve Harris
  • The Secret World of Iron Maiden t-shirts – Volume 1, 1979-1993 (Pre-sale – December 23th) Collaboration with Matthew Ward
  • Iron What? (A very special gift book to some of my the most loyal buyers – not for sale) Release date TBC
  • Dance of Death (Pre-sale – February 15th)
  • Iron Maiden live History (Pre-sale TBA) Collaboration with Stéphane Segura



  • Burning Records… Burning Books (Volume 3) by Geten. Pre-sale date TBC.
  • Maiden Avenue (Volume 2) by Ricardo Lira Pre-sale date TBC

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