‘7th SON’ CANDLE HOLDER! (angel)

On this picture you can a raw prototype. Final product with fine details will be presented soon.


This item is something very, very special. Something that hasn’t been officially produced before! A special candle holder from the ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’ album booklet were made for the first time ever!

Here you can order angel holder. Demon holder is available on this link and finally, the most anticipated product is the crystal ball with a Eddie’s vision inside, which will be available in September 2018!!!

The height of this candle holder is app. 45 cm. Final weight is app. 4kg. This candle holder is very strong and almost identical to the illustration from the ‘7th Son’ album booklet. Only a few small changes are visible, because we want to avoid any fragile moments during shipping. The sculpture is 100% hand made and colored with golden paints.

This picture shows a prototype. Each copy will be personalized and customized with your name carved on the sculpture with serial number. Tracked shipping is included in this price (135 Euros).

Your real name