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¡Estimados amigos, difundan por favor esta noticia! La COVID-19 en una amenaza real. Es por esta razón que hemos comenzado la «iniciativa Maidencroatia» para todos los fanáticos de Iron Maiden, en la que tanto autores como traductores de libros relacionados a la Doncella han unido fuerzas para que la estadía en casa sea más tolerable. Yo, Stjepan Juras, he publicado de forma gratuita todos mis libros en inglés. Ahora se ha unido a nuestros esfuerzos mi amigo de Chile Claudio Vásquez, quien me sugirió publicar de forma gratuita su traducción de mi libro sobre Steve Harris a modo de gesto de buena voluntad y para ayudar a promocionar mis libros en más países de habla hispana. Además, este libro se publicará en formato físico de tapa dura, así que, si pueden, por favor, compren el libro a modo de agradecimiento a él y para que tanto su trabajo como su gesto de valentía se vean compensados. Este es solo el comienzo, esperamos traducir y publicar todos mis libros en español.



‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ is the song that repeatedly broke all stereotypes in metal music. Not only it was a story narrated in an educational, storytelling way as if someone was recounting a novel but it’s riddled with amazing unexpected plot twists, so sudden it never gives the listener a second of a break while actually using the actual text of Coleridge’s poem. ‘Aces High’ was a killer introduction to the album together with ‘Two Minutes To Midnight’, and ‘Powerslave’ was an oriental touch that went hand in hand with the visual concept of the album, but ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ was the track which left people speechless, gasping for air. It was exactly what the ‘Powerslave’ album needed to become what most people claim it truly is – a legendary record. The first and the last album by Iron Maiden without compromises. A triumph of raw creativity void of any calculations.


‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’ is a literary masterpiece, combining the greatest virtues of legendary American author Edgar Allan Poe in its wondrous tale. It is a fascinating story whose main character, investigator Auguste Dupin, is the precursor to all detective stories and novels, but it is Poe’s unspeakable horror, bordering on the supernatural. For the first time ever, it has taken on a new guise, inspired by the Iron Maiden song of the same name. For Maiden fans this book is a special treat – the role of Inspector Dupin in the illustrations has fallen to Iron Maiden’s legendary mascot Eddie. Not only that, author Stjepan Juras brings you the story of the inception of Poe’s work and the Maiden song, together with a critique and side-by-side analysis. The book also features brief biographies, where you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about Poe and Iron Maiden.


This is a completely new way of writing; to the fans by a fan, just the thing the fans deserve. Author Stjepan Juras has a very special treat for all the Iron Maiden fans; books about their music, members, fans and legacy. Available nowhere else, these hardcover, numbersed, personalized and signed books are a trully collector items and a great source of knowledge. Click below to buy one of the strictly limited books and join comunnity of thousands die hard fans.


Da quando il protagonista della leggendaria canzone ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’ è fuggito dalla Francia nell’Italia del Sud, la storia dell’amore eterno tra gli Iron Maiden e l’Italia è iniziata. Non solo, gli Iron Maiden hanno un’enorme comunità di fans in Italia; i fans italiani hanno sempre avuto qualcosa di speciale per loro. Ricordatevi che Bruce Dickinson ha iniziato i suoi concerti con gli Iron Maiden proprio in Italia; inoltre nel suo show di addio nel 1993 i Maiden hanno suonato davanti al più grande pubblico di sempre a Roma e quando Blaze Bayley lo ha sostituito i fans italiani gli hanno dato un grande supporto, forse il più grande in tutta Europa. Scrittori come Marco Gamba e Nicola Visintini sono stati tra i pionieri dei fan-autori di libri sugli Iron Maiden e gli Iron Maiden hanno suonato in numerosi show in un grande numero di città e luoghi in Italia. E ora… uno dei più famosi scrittori di libri sugli Iron Maiden, Stjepan Juras sarà per la prima volta in assoluto tradotto in italiano. I suoi libri molto popolari vanno sempre sold out in pochi giorni. La traduttrice italiana e grande fan Letizia Tampone ha appena iniziato una collaborazione con lui e a marzo 2020 il primo libro di questa serie ‘SOMEWHERE IN TIME’ sarà disponibile sul mercato italiano. Il primo gruppo di 50 copie firmate, numerate e personalizzate sarà disponibile su questo sito lunedì 10 febbraio dalla mezzanotte. Non perdete questa opportunità perché questi primi 50 libri saranno straordinari. Ci vediamo qui!


Are you ready for something very special? In collaboration with Iron Maiden’s legendary roadie Steve ‘Loopy’ Newhouse I decided to release his bestseller, a must-have book for every Maiden fan: ‘The Iron Maiden Years’ in hardcover!! As a big Iron Maiden fan myself, and a man who truly respects Loopy, I have decided on this move in order to pay my respects to this great man and his book by making it a collector’s classic, as well as to ensure Loopy will have the funds so essential to his future projects. Since this, hardcover edition for collectors is actually sold out in pre-ordering period, I can sell you this book only on request. It mean, you need to wait for delivery up the 7 days after your request. Click for more.

KILLERS | Buy this book

Killers’! The first and only Maiden album with just one word in the title, a word that describes it in every way. A killer album, sound, and tour, the Killer Krew… And a grinning monster beneath the yellow light of a street lamp, a bloody axe in his hand and a dying victim – brutal, clear and unbelievably inviting. A band who had attempted to get their big break into the world of big names, their debut album released just a year earlier, was now heading off on a world tour with a release penned almost in its entirety by Steve Harris. Joined by producer Martin Birch, anyone who understands anything about the history of metal music could clearly see: a metal giant was born!


BRAVE NEW WORLD | Buy this book 

‘Metal 2000’. This was the slogan Iron Maiden unveiled at the start of the new millennium, made brave by the return of prodigal sons Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson and the unexpected reunion of the new (old), upgraded, six-member line-up. Dragging heavy metal kicking and screaming into the new millennium, with five studio releases and five live albums over the course of the next 20 years, they would go on to become the most constant and immutable heavy metal line-up of all time. ‘Smiley Eddie’s’ iconic, sinister usurpation of a beloved symbol told the world that Iron Maiden were ready to step into the digital era.


POWERSLAVE | Buy this book

‘Climb like a monkey’, the phrase used in the song ‘Death or Glory’, had never been in Maiden history, more appropriate to describe their surging growth and expansion than during 1984/85, when following the release of the album ‘Powerslave’ the band left for their ‘World Slavery Tour’ and made their unstoppable march into immortality. Ancient Egypt, mummies, the Sphinx, the pyramids, the curse of the Pharaohs, Valley of the Kings, scarabs and enigmatic hieroglyphics served as a mysterious invitation for the fans to step into the unknown and explore the arcane frontiers, joining Eddie from the ‘Powerslave’ cover in making a mark for all times.



This is a book about an album which represents not only the very pinnacle of British heavy metal, but also whose release marked the last huge impact of British rock on the scene worldwide. This is the last triumphant march of British rock towards the throne with the royal attitude similar to their predecessors such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Queen, Pink Floyd, Genesis and others respectively. British rock music has had its moments later on, mostly heavily supported by the media trying to find new Beatles, but the saga about British rock dominating the worldwide scene ended with this amazing story.


THE X FACTOR | Buy this book

If you don’t listen to it with an open heart ‘The X-Factor’ is everything the “well informed” media have told you it is. The truth, however, is something else: ‘The X-Factor’ is a classic Maiden album and perhaps the breaking point of the entire genre of 90s heavy metal. It’s an album that gave metal back its dark soul and saved it from the well-travelled paths of 90s mainstream glamour and dazzle. It is for this reason that I feel a responsibility to tell you the story of ‘The X Factor’ in a way the album deserves for it to be told. The story even the band no longer tells, even though I’m not so old as to forget how staunchly they defended it then, as staunchly as I do now.


PIECE OF MIND | Buy this book

‘Piece of Mind’ is a masterpiece, not only of Maiden, but a masterpiece of heavy metal. And this despite its release at a most unfortunate time – with the thankless task of being the follow up to ‘TNOTB’ and the precursor to the magnificent ’Powerslave’. To be sandwiched between two such cult albums and yet be able to overpower them in many aspects, that is the mark of the true classics. Many swear by ‘Piece of Mind’, citing it as a textbook example of heavy metal, or metal in its cleanest form, its influence and weight confirmed by the sheer number of covers by some of the biggest bands and performers, including the great Lemmy. It speaks for itself.



When Maiden announced that the album ‘Killers’ is ‘cutting edge of Heavy Metal’ might just be a few people, they knew that the cutting edge would just happen a year later. No one could dream of what would suddenly and permanently change the heavy metal we knew so far. This album is ABC book of metal music and this book is the first insight of this kind into the most hidden secrets of this epic album. From the initial, biblical ‘Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea’, to the diabolic scream, (a homage to the scream in the song ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’), the album’s title song shows us all the strength of the blow this album has been challenged by the music market.


SOMEWHERE IN TIME | Buy this book

This is in fact a book about an album, yes – an album, which opened a new dimension of space and imagination as far as thirty-four years ago, taking a ten-year-old boy to a never-ending journey. This is also a story of a renegade album, a black sheep, a bastard child, who their creators never gave the credit it deserved. Dear Iron Maiden, you may have forgotten the album ‘Somewhere In Time’ but there are several millions of us who have not. Millions of us who bought it, worshipped it, collected all available merch, and listed numerous petitions asking for a live performance of the album’s long forgotten songs.


FEAR OF THE DARK | Buy this book

‘Fear of the Dark’ record was a turning point for Maiden’s career back in the nineties. Even though many remember it as the last one before Bruce left the band as well as the first album to clearly give way to pointless intros and outros watering down the music, it still presented us with five live hit songs as ‘Be Quick or Be Dead’, ‘Wasting Love’, etc. Despite featuring their first ever album sleeve without Derek Riggs’ illustrations and with Martin Birch not being the one in charge of the whole production process for the first time in over 10 years, this album left a legacy in the form of its title track which still remains the band’s biggest hit up to this day.



‘No Prayer’ may not have lived up to the fan’s expectations, but honestly, which of the previous Maiden albums – apart from the debut one – was ever anything like the fans expected it to be? But in this case, the expectations were reversed: Riggs’s imaginative visuals replaced by a solution so simple he never even bothered to sign it; the extravagant melodic epics Maiden was famous for, replaced by short songs of largely social, political and cynical nature; Smith replaced by Janick Gers, all the lavish concert scenery replaced by walls of Marshall cases. Was this the way Maiden regarded metal music of the nineties? Will give you an answer.



This book isn’t the official biography of Steve Harris nor does it try in any way to describe his work in the music business since the ’70ties, chronologically of factually. This book actually isn’t a biography in the strictest sense. This is a warm and intriguing story about Steve Harris, and it is in reality just a long-awaited tribute from a fan, and speaks about one of the most important people in the history of metal, and of rock in general. It comes from the mouths of his friends, music and business associates, family members and faithful fans worldwide. All of them shared their memories in order to make this book, and to give him recognition he truly deserves.


NO MATTER HOW FAR… | Buy this book

This is the first book ever written exclusively about fans of a music band. More than 200 fans from more than 80 countries are included. If anyone deserves to be the subject of this first book of its kind, it is the fans of Iron Maiden. Not because of their 40-year-long allegiance, not because of the constant growth of their numbers, which has always confused music analysts and label executives, not because of the fact that they are to be found on every continent and every country where there isn’t a developed music market. Maiden fans are a family above their own families, a religion above religions, a love above love, a nationality above nationalities!



Hello kids, hello parents, hello to all generations of Iron Maiden fanatics. Welcome to the first ever book for kids based on the works of a heavy metal band. Normally, Iron Maiden! While thinking about how Iron Maiden have, since the late ’70s, brought up generation after generation of fans, some of which are now parents of young kids who also might be Iron Maiden fans, I decided to write a book which would be a cross between a picture book, an ABC book and an encyclopaedia for children between 7 and 15 years of age. I believe that many fans have young children and that this would be an ideal way to introduce them to the world of Iron Maiden.

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