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Tracking soon. Richard Pearson – The Number of the Beast
Tracking soon. Darrel dela Torre – The Number of the Beast
Tracking soon. Sascha Hennenberger – Somewhere in Time
Tracking soon. Kenneth Macleod – No Prayer for the Dying
Tracking soon. Destini Mattocks – No Prayer for the Dying
Tracking soon. James Orioles – No Prayer for the Dying & No Matter How Far
Tracking soon. Dave Hrbek – No Matter How Far, Piece of Mind, The Number of the Beast, No Prayer for the Dying, Fear of the Dark
Tracking soon. Matti Sillampaa – No Matter How Far
Tracking soon. Carsten Fiedler – No Matter How Far
Tracking soon. Troy Schurer – No Matter How Far
Tracking soon. Marco Niesig – Fear of the Dark & No Matter How Far
Tracking soon. Stanley Kauffman – Fear of the Dark
Status – SENT: Shatalin Mikhail – The X Factor book
Will be sent: 25.02. 2020. Gino Micallef – The X Factor book + POM Icarus
Will be sent: 25.02. 2020. Steve Newhouse – The X Factor book

‘SOMEWHERE IN TIME’ (Italian edition)

Christian Iseppato
Francois Farmine
Enrico Caroselli
Alessandro Sampugna
Fernando Lacombe
Daniele Gaspare Mar
Ermelina Salaris


‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’ book will be sent as a free gift to all fans who bought the both editions of ‘Killers’ book, together with these books in the same package. However, some of my buyers pre-ordered ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’ book separately. These books will be sent 25.02. 2020.

Stefan Thurner
Deryk Cannon
Simon Mills
Kris Mascaux
Enrico Sturaro
Ludovic Bergaut
Glenn Halffman
Stuart Cooper
Christian Iseppato
Barry Considine
Frederic Michiels
Nicholas Dehaine
Juho Montonen
Daniel Kuemin
Gary Barnes
Claude Hansen
Kevin Paish


Will be sent 25.02. 2020..

RA510814935SI Steve Newhouse
Francois Farmine
Doc Fenner
Enrico Caroselli
Andras Zlobec
Svein Reinton
Elisabeth Kremer
Rob Worth
Derek Riggs (X 3)
Grusjenka Anderson
Michael Doyle
Michael Kasuba
Romain Meheu
Philip Cole
Stefan Thurner
Lori-Ann Ogrodnik (X 2)
Jose Antonio Conde
Constantinos Dimadis
Alfred Mitter
Aidan Bucley
Paul Lewis
Carlos Oliveira
Frank Boehmer
Doc Fenner
Peter Johansson
Derryk Cannon
Yuzawa Hironao
Rodolfo Abram
Agustin Soler
Troy Schurer
Ronald Claes
Martin Angenendt
Boaz Bar Levy
Steve Lewington
Christian Iseppato
Stuart Cooper
Paul Woodcock
Layin Madhavan
Marco Niesig
David Batch
Juan Rojas
Kenneth Gallup
Francisco Sare
Javier Pereiro Barcelo
Brian Daudt Sorensen
Jaime Ransanz Carcedo
Soren Genefke
Fernando Luiz Carlantonio Lacombe
Frederic Michiels
Henrik Erikkson
South Western Care
Delton Chaney
Daniel Cognard
Jorgen Engblom
Manuel Molnier
Frank De Dyn
Glen Halffman
Ivo Gregor
James Orioles
Derek Conley
Dave Hrbek
Timo Quintus
Michael Bolkow (X2)
Gary Rosgers
Ron Knapick
Jairo Godinez
Tim Philipps


All buyers will get holders in quick period and they will be delivered every week four by four from 07.01. 2020.

Rasmus Stawnsborg – DELIVERED
John Miles – DELIVERED
Stuart Cooper – DELIVERED
John Gabbott – DELIVERED
Massimiliano Volpe – DELIVERED
Claude Hansen – NEXT DELIVERY
Hans-Christoph Naumer – NEXT DELIVERY
Raymond W J Best – NEXT DELIVERY
Brian Daudt Sørensen
Christian Iseppato
Carsten Fiedler
Robert Festa
Derek Conley
Joachim Heiß
Kevin Rhodes
Daniel Kümin
Agustin Soler
Andrea Faedi
Frank de Dyn
Kristo Hiekkala
Marc Hanlet
Jay Grant