Dear friends
If this email address does not match my query, please forward it to the correct address. Thank you in advance. My name is Stephen and I am a writer and a journalist. I am also a long-time fan of British Iron Maiden legends, about whom I have also written several books. I address you as a representative initiative supported by several thousand fans, which relates to a specific part under your jurisdiction that could work together to become another London landmark and a generator of increased tourist visits. To understand what this is about, please read a letter to fans published a few years ago by Derek Riggs, the legendary illustrator of the famous cover of Iron Maiden’s first album.

“Hi It’s Derek. Here’s a thing. Earlier I was talking to a friend about when I used to live in Finsbury Park in London in the mid 1970’s and how rundown it was back then. Well, I went to look on Google Earth to see if it was still there and how much it had changed and then I realized that I could get a street view. So, this is a picture of the railway bridge and the wall and the houses in the background that inspired the background of the first Iron Maiden album cover. Of course, it was night, there was a big moon in the sky and the trees weren’t there then. For those who wish to know, this is Endymion Road N4 in London is the north Western exit from Finsbury Park N4. The house I rented a room in was just around the corner in Oakfield Road (down to the end and to the right). The one remaining old curvy lamp post is the one that I used on the first Maiden cover. It seems that it has become famous in its own right. It even has its own facebook page. Have a fun. Thanks to Google Earth for the photo. ”

Here, as you can see, the cover of the famous Iron Maiden album was created exactly where it says that it was created and we, as fans, launched an initiative to put a kind of info board on the wall that will tell visitors the exact place where the cover of the legendary album was created. where the legendary mascot ‘Eddie’ was born. Beacuse 14.04. 2021, approaching the 41st anniversary of the release of this album, would be a nice gesture from you if you would give us a positive answer by then to set up an info board, the production and installation of which would be fully funded by fans. Of course, everything would be done under your supervision and approval. I am sending photos on the occasion, to get an impression of what it is about.

Best regards
Stephen ‘Stjepan’ Juras

P.S. This act could result in great media coverage and very positive reactions around the world.

Dear Stephen
Thank you for your email. I have spoken to my colleagues in the Environment department, who have confirmed that Endymion Road falls into our neighbouring borough, the London Borough of Haringey, to the northern boundary of Islington. For this reason unfortunately we are not able to assist, and would direct you to make contact with Haringey Council through
Good luck with the campaign.
All the best
Jonathan Moore
Committee Services Manager
Resources Department
Islington Council
Room 107, Town Hall
Upper Street, LONDON N1 2UD

So, I sent an email again to all Haringey Councilors…..

Dear StephEn,
That sounds like a great idea. I never knew the connection. I would suggest getting the Harringay ward councillors on board and the Friends of Finsbury Park group.
Best wishes
Cllr Ruth Gordon
Labour Member for Tottenham Hale Ward
Member of Overview & Scrutiny Committee
Chair of Housing and Regeneration Scrutiny Panel
Dear Stephen,
Thank you for your email to Haringey Council, which has been forwarded to myself. Whilst I am not responsible for Street Lighting or the cultural assets of the borough I have highlighted your email to my colleagues who are interested in working with you on your proposal. Colleagues are checking on the status of the lamp post (it might be owned by Network Rail as it’s on the bridge) and once we have done that we will back in touch. But thank you for bringing this to our attention and highlighting the heritage of this particular lamppost.
Kind regards
Simon Farrow
Head of Parks and Leisure (Interim)
Dear Stjepan Juras,
It seems that the lamp column was removed serval years ago. The Bridge is a Network Rail Asset and their approval will be required before affixing a plaque to their wall. Thank you bringing this to our attention.
Yours sincerely
Tom Henry
Group Engineer
Dear Stephan
I was gutted to hear this lamp was removed but love the idea of a plaque. I’ve copied in our Cultural Officer; Elena who is aware of the lamppost and your emails. Hopefully we can assist and get you the right contacts to pursue this.
Seema Chandwani
Labour Councillor for West Green Ward
Cabinet Member for Transformation and Public Realm Inves